March 18, 2010

Why There Are Mountains

» Fuck Buttons – Space Mountain (8:45) – 13.2MB mp3 @ 210kbps

» The Flaming Lips – Worm Mountain (5:22) – 6.3MB mp3 @ 160kbps


Zhou Hongjun and Xiong Lu have created Hermit Mountain, a multifaceted, multipurpose skyscraper, drawing inspiration from both traditional Chinese culture and modern design. The design explores a dialogue between rationality and chaos to achieve a refined yet altogether organic aesthetic.

More images at Designboom.


Designer Enrico Dini has developed a 3D printer that makes rocks.

Dini claims the d-shape process is four times faster than conventional building, costs a third to a half as much as using Portland cement, creates little waste and is better for the environment. But its chief selling point may simply be that it makes creating Gaudiesque, curvy structures simple.

Two-dimensional print may be dead, but 3D is on the up-and-up.

Full story at Blueprint (FastCompany via Inhabitat)





Related, sort of: Cao Fei’s RMB City, an installation at UCCA’s “Breaking Forecast” exhibition. She also sketched out a fascinating, fantastical piece for the Guggenheim’s “Contemplating the Void.”

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