April 25, 2011

Bike Messengers × CSS Art Direction

While I wait for my H+Sons to arrive so I can finally post pictures of my new ride, Wired has a nicely executed HTML5/CSS online(-only?) article on bike messengers’ relationship with technology. I initally thought the neat inset images were background divs with chunky borders, but they’re actually just absolutely-positioned; the red arrow graphics are background images. (I also mistook the quotes for Knockout; turns out they’re in Tandelle.) via Prolly



By Mike Joos / via Fixed and What

By Mike Joos / via Fixed and What

What could he possibly be riding towards but more cookies?

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July 31, 2010



  • Nice interview with Raf Simons (WWD via HB)
  • Lengthy inverview with David Andrew Sitek (BV)
  • Awesome interview with Bill Murray (GQ)
  • Telling interview with Penn & Teller (Telegraph)
  • Decent interview with Ari Marcopoulos (Dossier)
  • Hip interview with Pedro Winter (Busy P of Ed Banger) (OC)
  • Strange interview with Spike Lee (Gothamist)
  • Passable interview with Rafael de Cardenas (S×H)
  • Brief interview with Tara McPherson (PSFK)



  • Urban China, ever the work in progress (NYT)
  • China’s Banks: Great Wall Street (The Economist)
  • Bad PR for the nouveau riche in the PRC (WSJ via Gawker)
  • The other oil spill (NYT / Salon)
  • A green movement grows in China (The Economist)
  • The Economist also draws an ophidian metaphor for China’s growth / lack thereof.


Media & Technology:








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April 3, 2010

New Coke


Industrial designer Andrew Kim has come up with a concept for an eco-friendly (or greenwashed, if you’re cynical) Coca-Cola bottle. (DB)


See also: Harc Lee’s green(er) monochrome Coke can.


Meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld has come up with a concept for a fashion-friendly Coca-Cola bottle:


colette via HB

Finally, as an HTML/CSS designer, this “Pure CSS Coke Can” never ceases to amaze me:

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January 19, 2010

Like New

or, Shameless Self Promotion

So I’ve finally finished importing the first months’ worth of (mostly China-related) original posts from the makeshift blog that I set up on my old/new portfolio site, Who Are Who—old because it’s been my home on the web for some time now (and will be so for the foreseeable future); new because I was redesigning it from scratch at the time.

As I have mentioned before, I’ve left the old blog more or less intact, though I have seen fit to make minor revisions and omissions during the process of reformatting the text and images for the new (current) version of IYK.

Additionally, I’ve decided not to import the series of “Drawings” posts to Idolize Your Killers: these now constitute a ‘drawing log‘ (=glog?) on Who Are Who.


That said, I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that the aforementioned portfolio site, Who Are Who, is more or less finished—I still need to sort out some browser compatibility issues and I may continue to add content, but it’s entirely functional (and hopefully decent-looking) at this point, which is what counts.

Of course, that’s the easy part… now to actually create some artwork..

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December 9, 2009


Ah, liberated from the dark and gloomy confines of Who Are Who at last. This marks the first of many (hopefully) posts that will be composed, edited and published in WordPress (and, incidentally, the one-month anniversary of the blog). Of course, with great freedom comes great responsibility: while the frontier of WordPress promises plenty of exciting new content (and no more drafting in TextWrangler!), I’ll be spending the rest of the week formatting and importing the existing content.

Introduction to Blogging via WordPress.org. Truly enlightening.

Introduction to Blogging via WordPress.org. Truly enlightening.

Particularly faithful readers (who, in all likelihood, exist only in my mind) may have noticed my tendency to continue tweaking entries for a few days after they go live. I know this is a terrible habit—the flexibility afforded by digital media is perhaps a little too convenient for a perfectionist—and I will do my best to refrain from re-working posts in the future. That said, I’ve gone through and touched up many of the older entries, so whether you’ve already enjoyed them or ‘dog-eared’ (in a manner of speaking) them for consumption at a later date, I invite you to revisit them if you happen to have time to kill. (If you have no idea who I am or how you got here, ignore the last paragraph and pretend the writing was perfect to begin with.)

The blog re-design is just one facet of the ongoing restructuring of my online empire; the next step is setting up Indexhibit for my new portfolio website. You’ll also notice that the new blog, tentatively titled “Idolize Yr Killers”, is currently at idolizeyourkillers.com (explanation à la Lil’ Wayne in the byline); let’s just say I’m having propagation issues with idolizeyrkillers.com. In the meantime, I’ve managed to set up a new dedicated domain for my musical ventures (which, incidentally, were previously at idolizeyourkillers.com).


I was tempted, but I didn’t end up registering hipsterjamz.com. Music is now at khessel.com (in keeping with my DBA DJ name)—just a slight update on the minimal former site, no new hipster jamz.

I’d also like to thank Ben for his time and savvy.

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December 8, 2009

Design within Reach

[Editor's Note: This was the last post of the temporary blog I set up on one of my other sites, which I've preserved in full here. WordPress conveniently solved all of the problems below; see next post for more details.]

Good news, a blog re-design is in the works; hopefully these are the final days of this ad hoc setup.

The portfolio layout is good for some things, but a blog is not one of them. (I’ll also acknowledge that the portfolio layout is even better when there’s a portfolio, which is coming soon…er or later.)

  • Readability: First and foremost, it’s just hard to read the damn thing (both in terms of visual appearance and irritatingly convoluted, often exhausting and needlessly periphrastic writing style). I’m thinking classic black-on-white text for the new site. The writing itself, however, will remain as pedantic and ponderous as ever, if not more so—I like to make my readers work a little bit.
  • Image (re)sizing: Future layout will be bigger and ideally will include lightbox image viewer (another easy one).
  • Quote / Caption / List consistency: An easy fix; really, there’s no reason I shouldn’t have done this already.
  • Mobile device support: I have yet to browse the site on a smartphone, but I can’t imagine it looks good. This will require some work, possibly more than I care to do right now.
  • Cross-browser support: Similarly, I have yet to view the site in IE. It ain’t perfect in Safari either—Safari wants no part of that object.style script…
  • Proper image pre-loading: Probably coincides with cross-browser support.

I think I’ve enumerated all of the major issues, but obviously I would appreciate any reader input or suggestions. If you haven’t had the balls to call me out on shit thus far, now’s the time to do it.

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