April 17, 2010

The Highlight Factor

Damn right hipsters have infiltrated NBA fandom.

The NBA playoffs start today and I’m excited to watch some “grown-man” basketball (along with “posterized,” this locution has been annoying prevalent this season). I suppose that anyone who has been following the NBA this season knows this already, but GQ has a nice rundown of (most of) the teams that made the playoffs.

Personally, I’m tend to be a fan of specific players over teams—I suppose I can only stake a legitimate claim to the Hawks as my local squad: their opening series against the Bucks is promising, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing Jennings school Bibby, my least favorite Hawk. The Magic look good once again and I expect to see them in the conference finals: they’ll miss Turkoglu but Vince has already proven himself and I can’t imagine he’ll be less than brilliant in the postseason. Even though KG was my hometown hero back in the day and I’m glad he got his ring, but I don’t think the Celtics have it in them and I’m a sucker for Wade’s underdog appeal.

Lebron is a foregone conclusion.

The bottom halves of both conferences are stacked with dark horses, though I can only realistically see one and two seeds in the conference finals. If last year is any indication, the West seems more prone to early-round upsets due to tighter competition. I think the Durant (and then Denver) will give the Lakers a run for the money, but I’d take Dallas over the spotty Spurs. Lastly, I have no idea what to expect from the Suns and Blazers matchup.

Presenting the 2010 Los Angeles Lakers

I’m actually ambivalent about the Lakers—they’re alternately the team that I love to hate and I hate to love—but I’m fascinated with the semi-mythological culture of Phil Jackson’s team and, of course, Kobe.

In the manner of Carles: which NBA team has the most hipster cred? Portland is easily the most hipster town, but I’ll venture the Nuggets because they’re all tatted up and Melo is from the ‘authentic’ hipster dive-city (if there is such a thing) of Baltimore (via Brooklyn, no less)… though you could probably make a similar argument for just about any team or superstar.

Of course, the real sign that I’m a hipster: I’d rather hit MoMA to see Fassbinder’s World On a Wire tonight (Art vs Basketball?)… and I’ll catch the games tomorrow if I’m not out biking.

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March 23, 2010

ABSOLUT Presents "NY-Z" featuring Jay-Z

“You can’t make art with business in mind.”

Photographer Danny Clinch directed this ‘documercial,’ featuring Brooklyn’s beloved HOVA, for the “World’s Most Iconic Vodka.” To be perfectly honest, I didn’t find it that interesting—in fact, it struck me as annoyingly overbranded in the beginning and the end—though I’m a sucker for the unabashed glorification of New York City.

Related: A full explanation of the line “If Jeezy’s payin’ Lebron, I’m payin’ Dwayne Wade.”

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February 8, 2010

Nightmares Never Sleep

Better slip you an Ambien. –Jay-Z

Even as I watch Vinsanity tear the Hornets a new one, I’m not quite sure if I’m looking foward to NBA All-Star weekend as it approaches hot on the heels of the Super Bowl (and, perhaps, will step on the toes of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day). It’s not so much that it’s an inopportune time, but the fact that the game and competitions feel like empty spectacle since there is really nothing at stake.

However, these new Nike spots (both by W+K’s Portland headquarters) definitely do the trick.

Bonus pic:http://www.hypebeast.com/image/2010/02/kobe-bryant-bruce-lee-nike-zoom-kobe-v-3.jpg

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