July 16, 2010

Guerilla vs Guetta

I finally got around to seeing Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop at Brooklyn Heights Cinema today. Of course, I went into the theater expecting to enjoy the film and it fulfilled itself: the pseudo-doc was thoroughly entertaining indeed, in keeping with Banksy’s ever-contrarian perspective on contemporary art. My only criticism is that Guetta is a little too perfect a foil for Banksy and the plot, in turn, is a little too perfectly ironic.

Conversely, I just watched Sebastian Peiter’s Guerilla Art documentary, available in full on Babelgum, which forgoes the knowingness for the straight dope… including interviews with the late Rammellzee.


His name was derived from RAM, plus M for magnitude, Sigma (Σ), the first summation operator, L for longitude, L for latitude, Z for z-bar, plus a couple more summation operators (Σ) for good luck.

–Daryoush Hah-Nahafi, Rammellzee Fashion, Viceland Today, July 7 2010

More obits at NYT / The Guardian, among other places.

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Also, a production worthy of Nowness:

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