September 1, 2011



» “Ed Hardy.


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February 18, 2011

Best Rendering Ever


Brooklyn’s own Interboro Partners just won MoMA / PS1′s annual Young Architects Program competition with “Holding Pattern.”

Many more (traditional) renderings at Interboro Partners (via Designboom, which actually has better pictures).

See also: Rob Walker on ‘Scalies’

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July 1, 2010

About Damn Time


The most obscenely hipster shit ever:

via Brooklyn Vegan, as always…

Plus: PS1′s Warm Up lineup (finally) announced, also pretty decent as far as I’m concerned…

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June 6, 2010



I’ve mentioned tilt shift photography before, but it continues to blow my mind.

…it gives the viewer a sense of being in a smaller world, a bit like the way the world looks to a kid.

–Bryan Solarski, GOOD Picture Show, June 2 2010

Equally amazing: photos of the semi-dystopian ruins of Kowloon & Battleship Island & Kowloon (below) (Dark Roasted Blend via Boing Boing)


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The “How Our Laws Are Made” infographic above is well-executed and fairly clear, if a little busy (GOOD); the Pulp Fiction one below is neat but, as one commenter points out, the story makes more sense the way it unfolds per Tarantino’s script (Flowing Data).


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Art vs. Art:


Greater New York at PS1: I only got around to seeing about half of the exhibit when I stopped by PS1 last week, but I’m sure I’ll have many opportunities to revisit and engage with the work over the next few months, especially once Warm-Up is underway. Nevertheless, I would imagine that Greater New York stands for everything that Jeff Koons’ BMW Art Car (below) is not. (NYT)


That said, I thought that Koons’ art car (unveiled at the Centre Pompidou) turned out fine, though I was a little disappointed to learn that “the design isn’t actually painted on the car; it’s a vinyl wrap covered with two layers of clear coat. BMW says the wrap was lighter than paint and it could be applied much more quickly. That was a key consideration because Koons had just two months to complete the project.” (Wired)

via Animal

See also: Image gallery of previous BMW art cars via Wikipedia.
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May 23, 2010

Tiny Vices


» The Stooges – Fun House (Take 3) (11:29) – 10.52MB mp3 @ 128kbps


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January 24, 2010


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