June 9, 2010

Music in Video Form

Frankly, I was disappointed with the squirmy PG-13 implied violence / homoerotica (not to mention the gimmicky bowlcuts) of “Alejandro”—especially because I thoroughly enjoyed “Telephone”—though Gaga is clearly (and perhaps commendably) going for broke on the Madonna ‘gay-man-in-a-woman’s-body’ schtick.

Perhaps I was unimpressed with Gaga’s latest S&Meh-tinged (as they say on Brooklyn Vegan) effort because I’d recently seen the entirety of the Cremaster cycle for the first time, over the past two weeks at the IFC Center. (Despite the datedness of the special effects, the scope of Matthew Barney’s vision can only be described as epic, and I have yet to fully digest the visual language of the five-part arc, much less form an opinion about it.)

Of course, the comparison is patently unfair to both artists, and, to Gaga’s credit, “Bad Romance” is easily one on my favorite music videos of all time. Now, let’s see if Klaus Biesenbach can get them together for some kind of blockbuster collaboration…

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via Pitchfork

It’s tempting to peg the video as a metaphor for the album—drifting along, lacking ambition yet not unpleasant—but I haven’t listened to LP4 quite enough to pass judgment. Also, interview with Mike Stroud (½ of Ratatat) on Nowness.

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I liked the video from the start, but it’s taken a few views to get into the song itself.

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More jams:

Japandroids – Younger Us (Pfork) (A little too pop-punky on first listen…)

Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Clancy & Build Remix) (’Sup)

Crystal Castles Suffocation (Memory Tapes Remix) (Pfork)

Kid Cudi [vs. LCD Soundsystem] – All Talk (ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Christian Bale)

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December 18, 2009

No Surprises

I suppose we all could have guessed Pitchfork’s album of the year during the very first week of 2009. The rest of the world had 51 weeks to craft a better album than Merriweather Post Pavilion, but it seems that no one was up to the challenge. I also feel like we’ve all seen this album art a billion times, but I’m still not sick of it.


To be perfectly honest, I haven’t heard the majority of their top 50 albums or top 100 songs, much less seen the top videos. (I’ve heard about 40% of the albums and could pass judgment on maybe a dozen of them… and I consider myself a music snob. For shame.) Is it still cool to hate on Pitchfork, or has the pendulum swung back again?


Anyway, I just got into that Fuck Buttons album, it’s fucking epic. I’m also a little late on the Japandroids boat, but Post-Nothing is as promising a debut as I’ve heard in a while, if you’re into that sort of thing (noisy, angsty garage/grunge/indie revivalism, not debut albums). I’m rather embarrassed to admit that MSTRKRFT’s Fist of God is one of my more listened-to albums in the pseudo-scientific terms of play count, though it would probably place towards the bottom of a year-end list, if at all, and definitely not in the top 20.

Given the factors enumerated above (inadvertently missing out on buzz bands and a questionable secret love for garbage like MSTRKRFT), I don’t quite feel fit to generate a year-end list for 2009.

I’ve also decided that there is too much music and bands need to stop making it for a few years so I can catch up.

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