November 13, 2009

"Jah-moose" VI

Lebron’s name in Chinese is just “James” [詹姆斯; zhan1mu3si1, pronounced like the title of the post].

AP Photo with a touch of 'shopping

AP Photo with a touch of 'shopping

The Cavalier has made headlines by mandating (or at least advocating) the permanent retirement of the number 23, which he currently shares with the Greatest. The move has been regarded as a curiously deferential form of hubris—insofar as LBJ hopes to be the last player to sport the big 2-3—as the superstar will settle for number 6 (his Olympic designation) next season.

Via of all places… though I did come across this story in a Chinese paper the next day, with a headline that roughly translates to “In the Vault” or “Seal It Up” (封存), which I take to be the Chinese translation of ‘retiring’ a number.

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