May 20, 2010


Like Images… but, you know, ending with “-ry” instead of “-s”

  • Andrew Kuo’s “My Wheel of Worry, May 2010″ (Tiny Vices via TWBE)





When we think of still lifes, we think of paintings that have a certain atmosphere or ambience. My still life paintings have none of those qualities, they just have pictures of certain things that are in a still life, like lemons and grapefruits and so forth. It’s not meant to have the usual still life meaning.

–Roy Lichtenstein.

Roy Lichtenstein
Still Lifes
555 W 24th St (at 11th)
New York NY 10011 [map]
212 / 741-1111
May 8, 2010 – July 30, 2010




  • Hedi Slimane recently posted a series of photos of Jonathan from the Drums on his blog (alongside images of Johnny Rotten and Joe D’Allessandro).


  • James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem—who has been getting mediocre-to-good (but mostly good) reviews for This Is Happening—answers fan questions for Opening Ceremony.

I love a shitty idea that you just totally go 100% with.

–James Murphy.


Eva & Franco Mattes aka
Reality Is Overrated
Postmasters Gallery
459 W 19th St (at 10th)
New York NY 10011 [map]
212 / 727-3323
May 15, 2010 – June 19, 2010


  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Official Art Posters! A well-executed, if predictable, promotion; check out the rest from the likes of Marlene Dumas, Julie Mehretu, and 14 others. (TWBE) Footnote: Kentridge’s show at MoMA is worth seeing as well.


  • Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture (NYT)


  • Surface to Air – Colder Front launch event at Oak
Surface to Air
Colder Front
28 Bond St (at Lafayette)
New York NY 10012 [map]
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 20, 7–10pm
  • Plus, a spot of Ai Weiwei coverage for good measure:

His cultural and political footprint is unique in a country where people generally face a choice between thriving within the confines of the system or shouting from the shadows outside it. For the moment, he is attempting to do both, and nobody is at all sure where that leads. As Chen Danqing, a fellow artist, puts it: “He is doing something more interesting, more ambiguous…. He wants to see how far an individual’s power can go.”

Ai Weiwei is an evangelical believer in transparency: He chronicles his own life online and on film and, in particular, he has taken to documenting his interactions with officialdom with blunt precision.

–Evan Osnos, Ai Weiwei’s Transparent Life,
Letter from China blog on the New Yorker, May 17 2010

Osnos also suggests some recommended reading on Ai Weiwei.

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