March 28, 2010

Gonz Sale

» Coconut Records – West Coast (3:30) – 5.2MB mp3 @ 204kbps


via DQM

Skateboard prodigy / creative polymath Mark Gonzales is holding a studio sale on Monday, featuring “Original Drawings + Skate Tees + Zines + Videos, DVDs and Much More.” I imagine it will attract the same crowd that constitutes the line outside Supreme when they drop new gear every season (the skateshop’s Soho outpost is actually just around the corner).

I wanted to appear like a dancer but not too feminine. The fencing uniform shows your body type but also means business.

–Mark Gonzales

Jocko Weyland profiled the Gonz for the New York Times a couple years back (with a further explanation of the above video). Weyland also happened to write a nice series of essays about China/Beijing for Vice.

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